Soooo Many Alternatives! (17 photos) - June 2020 Paper Pumpkin - Box Of Sunshine

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June 2020 Paper Pumpkin - Box Of Sunshine | Tracy Marie Lewis |

This month's kit was hard to finish. I have been thinking of upgrading my hand-me-down Samsung S7 for the latest and greatest Samsung. I use my phone for everything. I video, take photos, process photos, watch videos, and use it for phone, text etc as well. So today, oops it is now yesterday, I did it, bought an S20+.

This month's video consists of videos and photos from all three of our phones. Hub's S10 was so much better than the S7 that I've been "borrowing" it alot, like multiple times a day. When I said I was ready to go get a new phone, hub was thrilled! What made the kit hard to finish was that I kept fussing with the main reveal video which is usually 20 minutes or so long.

I had to shoot it three times! The first video was my fault, I used some retired products and looked them up after it was finished. The second had too many shadows from the indirect light. I had turned the lights on because it was dark. Finally the third one worked. /whew.

I have so many combinations of layouts that I took 17 photos and could have kept going. The video is just under 30 minutes.

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love the colors and designs are very up lifting.wish I would have signed up for this on.


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