And We Didn't Escape Before Getting Snowed In!

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Hunkered Down In The Snow | Tracy Marie Lewis |

Just as soon as we could get into the rehab rental unit to put everything back together, we did. It was two full days of putting back up everything we removed for paint and floors. Then It was updates and clean, clean, clean! I made all new screens, we are not really sure where the old screens went, but all but one were gone. Hub had to work on the drainage in the front to keep the driveway from collecting rain water. 

The kitchen, both baths and upper landing received new baseboard moulding. I took on this project and hub provided me with his dad's chopsaw. I had the HARDEST time rotating it to the appropriate angle. It finally got so bad I insisited hub lube it. Wow, what a difference. I can't believe I cut all of the landing pieces with it that "stuck". After he fixed the chopsaw I was able to go much faster. I am thankful for many years of taking measurements for framing art, crafting, and cutting moulding. 

We finished up just in time for a SNOW STORM! In fact, Saturday was our first day off and I noticed snow in the forecast for Monday through Thursday. Our moving day was to be on Wednesday. Sheesh, so I convinced hub to move on Sunday (we never move on the weekend). Our Saturday ended up being a packing day, then off we went Sunday to our new home to hunker down. We setup camp at around 1pm and by 4pm it was snowing! /whew. In the Pacific Northwest, you never can trust the weather report. 

Now we are on our third day of snow. It is a winter wonderland all the way to the main road, which is about a mile and a half drive. Our section of the campground has a steep hill which has been closed so we get to meander through another section to get to the entrance. It appears it will warm up starting tomorrow. We plan to depart next Wednesday for the coast. We have very loose plans to stay along the coast for the next four months hoping for some stormy weather.

How comfortable are we in the cold? Having been in both fifth wheels in very cold weather, I am happy to report that our current trailer (2018 Grand Design Reflection 303RLS) holds the heat way better than our old trailer (2016 Jayco HT 29.5RSTS). The kitchen plumbing isn't as well insulated as the bathroom, so in 20 degrees, it freezes, but we adapt and just use the bathroom sink when that happens. Today the high is 24, feels like 19 and I see another Winter Storm warning just popped up extending our heavy snowfall through tomorrow morning adding another 1 to 5 inches to our total so far. 

The new truck handles well in the snow, 4wd is our friend!

The Hill To Our Section Closed | Tracy Marie Lewis |
Our Street Snowed In | Tracy Marie Lewis |
The Icecicles! | Tracy Marie Lewis |
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