Star Wars Inspired Birthday Card

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Star Wars Inspired Birthday Card | Tracy Marie Lewis |

My husband has had the pleasure of seeing ALL of my creations. This is both a good thing and a bad thing. Now his taste in cards has changed and his expectations of my deliverables is now off the charts. So when I made him this Star Wars theme card from stamps I bought almost two years ago. I usedHe was like Meh. Boy oh boy. Now I had promised him that I will make him a different card that will blow his socks off. Not sure when I will have the time to execute on my promise, but I do have nothing but time. What I don't have much of is time when he is not here with me. I might not even succeed with my first attempt, but again, I have nothing but time and lots of materials to play with! 

I still think for a basic Star Wars card this works just fine and is still worth blogging about. I used black card stock and white heat embossing powder that is from the early 1990s and it still works! I popped up the black added some Stampin' Up! Star sequins. I am not putting this in the failure category, but more the "underwhelming" category. And I am ok with that! I did go back and add the rhinestones after I gave him the card, they do help some. I've noticed the same issue with my family, now their expectations of my handmade papercrafts have been elevated over time. I do like a challenge!

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