Video - Winter Is Coming Wednesday 2023 Episode 4 - First Winter Card Of The Year... Or So I Thought?

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This year has flown by. We bought a home in Florida last fall and since then we have been in a state of constant motion!

When do we ever have a chance at a near 100% "do over" when it comes to furnishing a home? We came to Florida with our clothes on our back and whatever fit in our 32 foot fifth wheel. Many homes in our community are sold furnished but our home was empty. 

2023 has two WICW episodes from the beginning of the year Episode 1 and Episode 3 - I may dig around to find if I filmed Episode 2 and did not publish it. To be on the safe side I will change this video to Episode 4.

After abandoning WICW due to my busy, busy schedule, I had planned to start WICW back up in July4. This year Stampin' Up! changed their holiday catalog launch date back to their original date of September.  This meant us demonstrators did not get to pre-order until August.

I decided to delay my WICW series start one month, and voila here we are!

Today's card is a fun fold, watch and see why I chose this layout and how I determined the measurements. 

I forget to mention that I do not even know what this fold is called, does anyone know? Leave a comment.

Measurements - See layout diagram for cut and score dimensions

Steps for best alignment of the four cubes:

  • glue top and bottom cubes first, make them both even from top and bottom (just under 1/4").
    • glue down the right side of each cube first, leaving the cube edge just to the right of the second score line.
    • glue left side of top and bottom cube, again just to the left of the second score line.
  • align the two inner cubes leaving equal space between the two, first glue right sides down, then left as top and bottom.

Spacing between all 4 cubes should be just under 1/4".​

Glue the cube images on last.

If you do not have a demonstrator or are looking for a change, I would love to have the honor. I am an active YouTuber and blogger, here are some other Stampin' Up! web activities I have for you to check out:

Thanks for stopping by, please feel free to leave comments or questions, I am here to help!



Love your winter card.


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