Winding Down At Lake Whitney Plus Some Great Insect Pics!

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We've had a nice, quiet time here at Lake Whitney.

I taught cardmaking 3x while here. Everyone wanted Christmas cards so I had to come up with three new designs since I only had a total of 5 available from my Paper Pumpkin subscription (these come all ready to go, much easier than me cutting all the materials). I like the ones I came up with even if it was a bit of work. I have to make them elaborate lookings while also keeping them easy to make. All crafters so far has never made cards. They enjoyed themselves.

We have not seen hardly any wildlife, which is amazing because the property is huge. Hub wanted to investigate a sound he hears in the distance. We found it today and it is a water treatment site with a constant low pitched sound. Hub says it annoys him enough that when we do our review, he will point out that the sound is a detriment to the quiet here.

We have seen some insects worthy of noting. Beware some are creepy, as many insects need to be, especially this spider, which I could hardly look at full screen! 







We felt bad for this insect whose glowing orange abdomen put a bullseye on its ... rear end... literally. This fellow was creepy because when it heard Hub's phone click as it took the picture, it turned around and jetted in the other direction, it heard the sound and thought it was bad news.







The third pic is of a super duper trap, laid by a spider I assume. But it could have hid the entrance to its lair a little better! I am glad it did NOT come and greet me as I took the picture!








And finally the most friendly looking insect, but by far the largest was this grasshopper. 

Thanks for stopping by, please feel free to leave comments or questions, I am here to help!


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